Friday, November 8, 2013

Healthy Holiday Appetizers

Trying to find some cute paleo, gluten free, kid friendly, delicious healthy holiday snacks to bring to parties is not the easiest venture. I decided I wanted to figure something out!
How many times do you go to a holiday party wishing there was something you could eat that looked cuter then baby carrots and celery! Now you can bring a cute healthy holiday appetizer to your next party and have it be loved!

2 ideas from my imagination have made it to real life so far and there are more to come!

Paleo Holiday Date App:

Time: about 30 mins
yields: 2 dozen delicious smorsels

1 1/2  cup raw cashews
12 dates
1 pomegranate

First soak cashew in warm water.  Put enough water in bowl so they are just covered, then let sit while you prep everything else.
Cut dates in half long ways (so they look like canoes) and toss the pit, sometimes I kind of form them with my hand a little so they can hold the cashew butter better.
Peel pomegranate and gather seeds into a bowl.
When the cashews feel soft and look swollen you can drain the water from them saving about 1/4 cup of the water they were in and putting all of that together into food processor. Process until smooth.
stuff cashew butter into dates, place pom seeds, make them look cute on the dish and go have fun at your party!

Paleo holiday treats.

Paleo Chocolate Apricots

I am not going to put a recipe for melting chocolate because its so finicky and I can't be held responsible for bad chocolate dip.. Sorry!.. but I will give you this cute easy idea for acorn looking treats! For nut free people, you can you sunflower or pumpkin seeds for the stems. Nut free treats are popular with the kids partys.

Here's a link to a guide for tempering chocolate here

What you need:

Chocolate (I use semi sweet chocolate chips with 1/3 100% cocoa and some bacon grease, and melt it in the microwave.. I love it and it sets pretty well)
Dried turkish apricots
Dried unsweetened mango
Sliced almonds, pumpkins seeds or sunflower seeds
parchment paper

Melt you chocolate in whatever way works best for you.
Place parchment paper on cookie sheet.
With the strips of mango just take a pair of scizzors and cut out acorn shapes.
Take the cut mangos and the apricots and dip the top 1/3 and place them on the parchment paper to set, before the chocolate cools set a stem (almond or seed) on the top.
If chocolate isn't setting place in freezer, don't stress, it'll still taste delicious!

Double boil chocolate if your micro-phobic
Use scissors to get acorn shape with dried mangos
I find soaking cashews in hot water gets better results
Dried mangos can be cut with scissors into acorn shape but apricots work perfect just how they are.
Healthy cute appetizer or dessert, dried fruit acorns.
Dried fruit healthy treat plate for a holiday party, and paleo friendly
Paleo Stuffed Dates Appetizer. 

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